La Navidad da para muchas cosas geniales, y para su pico de hipocresía. Rapun analiza acertadamente el fenómeno en su blog, así que yo, que soy más descerebrado estos días, contribuyo con esta joya encontrada gracias a Nur. El héroe se llama Tim Minchin, es un cómico australiano, y os adjunto la letra en inglés por si sacar la canción de oído os da guerra. Os dejo con The Guilt Song (Fuck the Poor).

The Guilt Song (Fuck The Poor)
from Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala 07

I would be a liar if I pretended I admire
The red-light windscreen-cleaning empire that you’ve built
But my heart is good it’s not a thing of stone and wood
I’ll give you 50 cents to take away my guilt

I give money to folk who just don’t have enough
To try to justify my further purchases of stuff
That I don’t need
I know that one less Vodka Cranberry tonight
Could probably feed some foreign family for a fortnight
But I might just have one more
After all what is Vodka for
Apart from making you want to shag your best mate’s wife
And drowning out the guilt you feel about your perfect life?

Fuck the poor, what is all this hoo-haa for?
There’s only one reason I’ll phone 1800 034 034
It’s the force behind Teresa and the school that Oprah built
I’ll give you 50 bucks to take away my guilt

Fuck the poor, I’m not pretending any more
That I really give two shits about some kids in Bangalore
I’m more interested in footy than seeing the Solomons rebuilt
But I’ll give you 50 bucks to take away my guilt